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Welcome to Grace & Favour

specialists in turning your interior ideas into reality

You’ve saved a hundred beautiful interior images on Instagram that you’d love to replicate but you’re unsure who to turn to…

> Do you go to a builder, a decorator, a carpenter, a flooring contractor?

> How will the new flooring detail fit in with the other rooms?

> Can you have underfloor heating upstairs?

> Who will organise all of this?

We hear these questions and more all the time and thankfully we have the answers. 

With more than 25 years of design, build and project management experience, we take your ideas and work with you to give you a one point solution to everything you need within your space to fully realise your interior design.

We see way too many projects unable to get off the ground or delayed due to contractors not working together, costs not being agreed beforehand, specifications changing during the works and not being managed. This is where Grace & Favour come in. We make sure all the details and material finishes, samples and specifications are agreed beforehand, contractors are managed, the works are detailed out with a defined timeline and all costs are agreed prior to any works commencing. 

Grace & Favour Commercial Interior Retail Design

It all started with Grace...

Grace is the name of my daughter, and the business name was derived from the term ‘Grace & Favour’ which means - ‘a property owned by the sovereign and granted free of rent to a person to whom the sovereign wishes to express gratitude’. Grace & Favour was born in the belief that the business does well enough to be able to leave a property to my daughter, Grace.

My Background...

A City & Guilds trained carpenter/shopfitter from school, it was many years later, whilst working in the world of corporate retail interiors in various roles from project director through to head of business development that I decided to set up Grace & Favour in 2016. After significant signs that the high street was taking a serious turn for the worse and being made redundant, along with many unfortunate others.

The start of life as we know it...

At this point I was undecided which way to turn. I’ve always had the concept of Grace & Favour in my mind as a business as I had heard of many an incomplete residential project that lacked basic project management and equally homeowners with great design ideas but no idea of who to turn to, nor the budget to engage an independent interior designer.

Grace & Favour covers Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and will be expanding into additional counties as we continue to grow. Please do get in touch for a no obligation, confidential chat: