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Delivering your commercial interiors. on time. to detail. to budget.

Commercial design and build is extremely high pressure and the end date never, EVER moves. The only way to succeed in this is to be organised, structured and have every single detail, cost and material, in stock, and agreed before anyone sets foot on site. The customer and every contractor then needs to be briefed and on board with the plan. Ensuring all the materials and resources are available, the design and the budget are signed off, and crucially any changes throughout the build, are managed and costs agreed with one single point of contact between the customer and all contractors.’

These principles should be exactly the same for any project and are exactly what Grace & Favour put in place for your retail or commercial project, no matter the size and scope.

In brief, this is what we do:

Whether you have designs in place, or you entrust us to use our partnered design consultants, we work with you to design your store interior, equipment, space and layout.

With the capacity to take the design concept drawings through to technical drawing stage for prototype, approval and manufacture, we’ve got your back.

We are able to carry out full on-site project management and installation.

Quite literally, we help you get from A to B in the simplest, most efficient way possible.

Years of experience have left us fully adept at dealing with landlords, applications, and centre management requirements.

All of the work we do can be bespoke tailored to suit your needs, whether it’s one element of the work or an all-inclusive package.


Grace & Favour Commercial Interior Design & Fit Out

Charlton Athletic

A Commercial Design & Fit-Out


A Commercial Design & Fit-Out
grace and favour

Chance Mystere

A Commercial Design & Fit-Out
Grace & Favour Commercial Interior Design & Fit Out

Snow & Rock

A Commercial Design & Fit-Out

Some important info:

Yes we can, we partner with a Northamptonshire based design company to provide full visuals and technical drawings of how you want your environment to look.

Yes we can. Over the years we have dealt with many situations regarding planning applications, drawing submissions, RAMS and centre management and landlord approvals

Yes we can. We partner with local metalworkers, joinery shops, glass and acrylic specialists to ensure we can supply all your needs. We also have a small joinery factory in Northamptonshire to facilitate bespoke designed pieces.

Yes, we have all the relevant insurances and skills to carry out full turnkey installation.

Yes we can, this is crucial to ensuring a smooth project delivery. We have been working in the shopfitting industry for 20 years so our Project Management skills are our greatest asset.

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